Friday, July 27, 2007

Packing Heat at the Nudey Bar

I've been watching the latest news swirling around Pac-Man and Michael Vick and various others. I am honestly sickened by seeing how professional sports figures have been acting as of late. I believe the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB should lose the 3 strikes and your out rule. No more of these legal woes for professional athletes. They are hired as entertainers, and role models for our youth yet portray a figure of inmaturity.

In my generatation you never heard of Wayne Gretsky or Joe Montana walking into a strip joint with a gun and shooting up the place. It's time to get rid of all the "thugs" from professional sports, and re-create all the wonder and enthusiasm that professional sports is all about.

Now I know all about Wayne Gretsky's legal battles with sports betting, another Pete Rose case. Things will get worked out and taken care of. I just can't help but turn on the tv or go to and read about another Strip Joint incident or Drive-By shooting involving some of our newest most prominent sports figures. Wake up call guys, children and young adults look up to you.

If you can't handle the task of being a sports figure, quit and head to a gang. I don't care what color you are........that has no bearing on my post here. I don't care how good you are or if you are a Heisman trophy winner. Get on the bus or get out of the league. The NFL should not allow this type of bad publicity to continue. Drug addiction, violence, and steroids plague professional sports and glamorize it for our youth. When my children grow up I know that they'll have sport's heros. I'd rather it be someone as centered as Tom Brady, or even Corey Dillon when he went to New England than gun slinging PAC-MAN.

In all honesty if you want to be a gunslinger go get a job at a theme park. There's no room for that kind of behaviour in professional sports. The bus is leaving better get yourself to together or pound sand.

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  1. Only one comment here... Because I agree with you on your views.

    However, Tom Brady is considered "centered" when he has been rumored to have multiple relationships with women at the same time, allegedly knocked up at least one woman, and now is dating a supermodel?

    So, does that mean that drugs and dog fighting makes you a thug but womanizing makes you a hero?