Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Speco 16 Channel Hybrid DVR Record Setting for Optimum Network Viewing

I am always amazed by the abilities of technology.  Today I am writing about the Speco 16 Channel Hybrid DVR and setting the recording options for optimum viewing over a network connection.

Not many people have the ability to constantly view and review video feeds and recorded video from security cameras from the monitor on the DVR.  Speco offers their equipment with a network interface for real time viewing and playback of cameras.  For cameras with remote control you can easily control the camera from within the web interface.

I can safely say that initially I had my growing pains with their cameras and DVR.  After much tweaking and hours of reading and reading product documentation, and not to mention hours on the phone with tech support, I have the configuration that I initially wanted.

I have crystal clear video with no pix-elation while viewing from the web interface.  I was even more impressed to have this issue resolved prior to deploying the web interface for my management team.

My configuration is very basic in their are only 8 cameras in the system currently with one of those cameras being remote controlled.

The video compression, resolution, format and PPS (Pictures Per Second) all came into play in the change.

My network is a true 1GB Switched Ethernet environment, which led me to believe there was  a problem with the recording.

In order to correct the viewing problem I accessed the main menu on the DVR and entered the Record Setup screen.

I modified the resolution to 720 X 368, changed the format from MPJG to MP4 and set the PPS to 120.  These settings will give you near a near realtime view, both in active viewing and in playback. 

I will warn you though that if you change the format to MP4 from any other format, the DVR basically will format itself and reboot.  It also helps to have your recording set to BEST QUALITY.  I highly recommend backing up your recorded video prior to making these changes.

That's it in a nutshell.  I hope these changes help you with your Speco DVR in obtaining the best picture quality you can get.


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  2. Thanks for recording setting is i will this in my recording with Security System.

  3. This device is really amazing and with this the access to multiple cameras becomes easy..